Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A week-long EPIC FAIL!

Last June 21 3:00pm after I watched my favorite noon time show and had my lunch, I opened the PC and just like an ordinary browsing day..

  1. Plug-in the socket ( kasi nagtitipid kami, conserve electricity and save the environment)
  2. Turn on the power supply ( yun na yun..)
  3. Push the power button on the CPU and Internet Router ( like everybody do..depende na lang kung nagtitpid ka, lagi yun naka-on....hehehe)
  4. And wait for the the "Welcome screen of my fake copy of windows XP to load" (pasensya na po... yun lang kaya namin..)
  5. And unexpected event happened......
  6. Its so EPIC!!
  7. I can't be believe this is happening.......
  8. A blue screen appeared on the screen......
  9. And its says......
  10. System Failure Something-Something!! EPIC FAIL!! X(

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Friendster is BACK!! YAY!!

Yesterday when I was checking my email....like I usually do everyday hehe :) like the normal messages from Facebook Notification blah blah... and some spam messages that I have received a parcel from FedEx duh!! Gimme a break spammers!! and some unwanted messages...but...one email caught my attention...it was an email from....


Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Weird "Gathering" LOL!

A warm sunday morning when my auntie decided to have a "mini" family reunion in our house which is Pasig. We were very surprised because we couldn't believe that a family reunion will be happening today!? FTW men!! haha!

Just because my Auntie Emma want to meet some of our relatives from the other branches of the family tree..

And as the hours get coming and eventually the guest are coming already I was so "kabado talaga" because we are not prepared for the event, our house is filthy looking lots of "agiw" on the corners of the house and "wala kaming pampakain sa kanila" haha!!! but my Auntie said, "Okay lang yun...ako naman magpapakain eh" hehe :) with a smile on her face, at nabunutan ako ng tinik sa lalamunan...we don't have enough money to provide them respectfull food you know?.. LOL 

We got to meet my young fresh cousins that I didn't met before for the longest time... we drinks cokes until our sugar level gets to peak...and we laugh to each other like theres no tomorrow, and take some "pictures" that we will share to our facebook profile and tagged each other, with a folder named "family reunion" :)

And here are some of the "pictures" (EDITED) by me..wala kasi akong magawa eh...hahaha!! for the sake of lauhgter na lang siguro... 

photos courtesy of Emma Mantillo-Soriano :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Istorya#5 : I dream of Alodia Gosiengfiao


Looks like Brad and Angelina is amazed!!


Kaya naman pala eh...

Nakita nila yung crush ko... :)

Its Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Istorya # 4: Love me for Who I am


Song that really affects me everytime I hear it playing..

Its raining today and I love it when it rains, I love walking on the rain and thinking the past heartaches and pains that I felt.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

"Link From Blog" :)

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Istorya # 3 : I Have A Psoriasis

*this is a story sent to me by friend who is from Canada his name is James. He emailed me yesterday to share his story here in "Stories of Felix Valentino" and this is his story.....

Hello Felix Valentino, I'm James from Canada I just saw your site last week and I was inspired to share my story here, just a little bit nervous about writing my first article online, I hope the readers would appreciate it. Well, I wrote because I want to share my story about being disregarded and being ridiculed for the longest time. There was a time on summer of 2009, On that year i'm on my 3rd level in college currently taking psychology quite difficult but still I'm getting used to it. I was a loner that time nobody want to come with me and interact with me, during weekends I used to stay at my home hoping for the next day to come. I didn't have the chance to have fun because the people around me thinks that I am not human just because of my physical appearance does it mean that people must not stay close or even talk to me. I have the sickest life ever not knowing how wonderful life would be without having a skin disease. Oh by the way I didn't mention a while ago that I had Psoriasis.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

“Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening”


How do you define the word "First Class"?

For me first class means a good example of excellence, being unique, dynamic and competitive. that is what first class to me. Just like Nuffnang and Hapee!