Sunday, 19 June 2011

Friendster is BACK!! YAY!!

Yesterday when I was checking my I usually do everyday hehe :) like the normal messages from Facebook Notification blah blah... and some spam messages that I have received a parcel from FedEx duh!! Gimme a break spammers!! and some unwanted email caught my was an email from....


Then I decided to follow the link and register !! :)


Logged In...

Creating My Avatar...Nice!!

Friendster has a new look and feel.. :)

I played Rock Ages....and currently exploring more games on it. :)

Its nice to know that Friendster has upgrade its features and has the new user-friendly look...and I'm looking forward to meet "new" friends on this online social networking/gaming site... :)

Come and join now to the new friendster!! haha!!

And by the can connect it now to Facebook easily...Guys! if you're bored with Facebook the its time to try the new "Friendster" and socialize to others.. :)


bloggingpuyat said...

haven't receive an email from friendster yet. mas ok ba un bagong fs kesa sa dati?

lonelytear21 said...

bro...yup okay na yung friendster ngayon malinis na ska more on gaming na siya, kung hindi ka pa nakakarecieve ng email from fs, punta ka na lang bro sa site ng fs register ka dun libre pa rin naman gaya ng dati. :)

Hi I'm ROY said...

na-miss ko na rin yung mga friends ko sa friendster.

better to check it out now. thanks

Jessica Lopez said...

hehehe.. puro games na nasa friendster.. none sense.. :))