Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A week-long EPIC FAIL!

Last June 21 3:00pm after I watched my favorite noon time show and had my lunch, I opened the PC and just like an ordinary browsing day..

  1. Plug-in the socket ( kasi nagtitipid kami, conserve electricity and save the environment)
  2. Turn on the power supply ( yun na yun..)
  3. Push the power button on the CPU and Internet Router ( like everybody do..depende na lang kung nagtitpid ka, lagi yun naka-on....hehehe)
  4. And wait for the the "Welcome screen of my fake copy of windows XP to load" (pasensya na po... yun lang kaya namin..)
  5. And unexpected event happened......
  6. Its so EPIC!!
  7. I can't be believe this is happening.......
  8. A blue screen appeared on the screen......
  9. And its says......
  10. System Failure Something-Something!! EPIC FAIL!! X(

I get so stressed about what I saw...I immediately turn it off....hoping that its just a joke! FTW! then I opened it again and followed steps 1-4. I cant believe this is happening to me..to my PC, My PC is CORRUPTED!!

And then the day for me goes nothing.... :( I want to destroy the PC myself but I prefer not to do it... nakakahinayang baka maayos pa, sayang hehe :') then, I worked on my troubleshooting skills determining what is the cause of the failure of the system, I run the diagnose blah blah.....and scan for Malware or something, hours pass at pawis na pawis na ako kakaulit ng mga steps sa manual na pinaprint ko before titled "Troubleshooting for beginners" then I just realized when I opened the CPU the hard disk pala is not connected to the motherboard itself!! Tanga ko!! hehe!. I get so excited that I don't even care kung maground ako sa PC...knowing that the PC is still connected to the socket...AWW!!! its gives me the "tingling" sensation habang kinakabit ko yung connector..

Hayyy...sa wakas, I already connected it to the hard disk I opened the PC again blah blah blah...and amazing! it runs well..and the welcome screen runs properly without errors and it came to the desktop, wala namang problema okay naman yung anti-virus, wala namang missing dll files ..sabi ko okay game!! net na!! but after I launched the web browser...it said please "refresh your browser later" page, WTF!! no connection!! I checked the connection on the control panel and its status was "limited and no connectivity" pero may connection anu kaya yun...and because I am just a rookie/noob when it comes to technical computer stuff...a huge "question mark" appeared in my head...my mom told me "bahala ka diyan! wala tayong pampaayos...ayan araw-araw kasi bute nga!" and all the negativity that they said once in while wraps my body making me depressed.. :'( wala akong magawa 50 pesos lang pera ko sa wallet and I'm just a tambay doing the dishes and household chores.. :'( tinanggap ko na lang...

Nakinig na lang ako ng radio...like I use to do everyday..and search for alternative ways on how I would fix my old PC.. I need to go online so badly...checking my nuffnang stats and to check whether Adsense accepted my application for the Adsense Ads.. you know, to be honest I cried ...:'( nasabi ko na adik na talaga ako sa internet..na parang hindi ko kakayanin yung isang araw na hinsi makapagonline..grabe.. :'(

days passed...tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday....and storm signal #1 hits manila knowing "Falcon" will be the next "Ondoy" hopefully it didn't happened...like those previous days...sad...thinking...depressed....and wondering how my stats were...nakakainis! I realized that I didn't deserved this situation for what is my state of mind now....hindi appropriate eh, hindi ko deserve na maransan ang ganitong bagay...I am productive and yet struggling to success..(sigh)

saturday comes...I texted my friends asking if they have installer of windows XP, as expected none of them replied..I went outside to take some fresh air but there's no fresh air here in the metropolis nothing but smog and pollution...the next best thing on having fresh air here is the breathe air next to plant itself so that the exchange of oxygen to carbon dioxide process will not be altered by the pollution particles present on the atmosphere... My ninong in my "kumpil" called me and ask me why am I still awake this late.. (tama ba yung english ko? hehe) blah blah...and  i told to him that my PC just crashed and I need to "reformat" the PC and lose all my files there...it sucks right?? he said "ah yun ba?? halika may installer ako sa bahay"..  I was stunned after my ninong said that to me, At last!!! MY SAVIOR!! MY NINONG SA KUMPIL!! :D

He run the installer and I was there watching all the while memorizing on how he did the "formatting process" he move with grace and to eyes he like a fair with sparkling glitters falling as he fixes the PC that was so EPIC! 

My "ninong sa kumpil" kuya ryan!! I love you ninong!! thanks for saving my life and saving my only hope of being successful in life.. :)

Lesson Learned: Perform pc maintenance once a month, Dont forget to back up your improtant files, and be knowledgeable in PC troubleshooting it really helps...trust me :)


avatarlady said...

Damn. This problem reminds me so much of my PC. We have the same pirated XP! lol

But my prob was worst over the last weekend. Smartbro truly sucks!

asiong32 said...

omg...ang kinatatakutan kong blue screen!

dwizzt said...

maybe i can help you with this one sir. check nyo lang po ung logs usually nasa c:/windows/minidump/ yan.. then ang filename nun ay date kung kelan nag.crash system mo.


dwizzt said...

you're welcome tol, i'm interested sa sinabi mo dun sa chatbox ko. :)

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