Felix Valentino

Gender: Male
Age: 21 years old
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
Job Description: A Underemployed citizen of the Philippines  that making some noise in the blogging community. Currently undergoing Facebook depression and anxiety due to many factors a normal guy would experience in everyday living.
Marital Status: Single
Likes: Reading Books, Walking, Blog Walking, Chatting with random people, Texting, Surfing the Internet, Doing household chores, Cooking, Playing with my cat (Misuki), Coffee and Spaghetti.
Dislikes: I hate boring people, (boring na nga ako tapos boring pa kausap ko...lets make things balance), Judging people (hindi sila book), Being Unemployed like what I'm suffering right now (hindi ko matiis yung walang ginagawa kaya kahit anong pwedeng magawa sa house ginagawa ko. Hal. 2 beses ko huhugasan ko mga dishes, pagbibilang ng dahon ng fortune plant namin sa bakuran na 2 taon ng hindi nadidiligan except kung umulan. and many more. blah blah!)

Felix Valentino is a pre-matured imaginary friend of the creator of this blog somewhat he relates himself on what Felix Valentino would be and whatsoever. :)

Enriching lives one story at a time....kahit anong genre pa yan, horror,drama,inspirational,sex related,and anything under the sun.

And one thing pala, Felix Valentino is not related to a blogger named "felix valentino" who is a spanish blogger. Hindi ko inasahan na may pangalan pala na "Felix Valentino" in real life...but nevertheless he never really care were on different parts of the circle. We have our own ways and I do respect the rights of his articles. Hindi ko nga lang magets...well, anyways...lets continue! :)


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