Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Money Making Opps. :)


Good day everyone!! 

This is me again, Felix, :) its been a while since I last visit and make a post here.. :) I missed creating blog post on my blogs. I have been away from blogging for the past 1 month in search for ways on how to make money online. :) having an Adsense account and Infolinks is pretty good enough, its like having a passive income while your are away from blogging.

As I was browsing all over the net, I encountered sites that offers easy money by viewing links, sharing opinions, reviewing products and services and many more...and I even register to different forums that involves money making.

I discovered PTC's,GPT's,CPA'spaid to chat,paid to socialize,paid to share and many more paid to something sites that are really attractive for us bloggers. Sadly most of them, I'm not saying that all of them, but some of those sites are just playing and scamming around different people. What I learn from all of this is that before you go into something you must make an advance and thorough research of the site or whatsoever, and men...google it! :) Google is the best teacher.

Based on my experience it is very advisable to "think before you click" :) and its also better to use safety precautions when browsing the net, use a proxy for example..HIDEMYASS.com is the best site to get proxy's and also secure your personal informations such as Addresses, and Bank accounts. :)

Those are the things you must consider when going online. its better to be safe than sorry...right? :)

Well, not always those kinds of sites exist. There are also better and legitimate sites that are online for the longest time and pays real money with proof and testimonials of its members.

And now, I am here to share to you one of the sites that I've discovered and joined that really pays, and it performs well according to the members way on how to promote it virally. :)