Monday, 30 May 2011

Featured: Welcome to the "Free Generation" :)


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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Featured : “What makes a smartphone a genius phone?” :)

What make a smartphone a genius phone?

The typical question a tech savvy or a geek guru would would think. In this age of "technological biodiversity" having a the latest technology is a must. Like in mobile phones there are so many brands to choose from and they have their own ways to provide people satisfaction. Myself too needs technology like this... :) 

For me, having the latest smartphone is a must because you can use it to your daily activities and helps you to manage your time and energy effectively thats what technology do to people. :)

Smartphone brands such as Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, Android, and many more really makes wonder...

What is next after these "smartphones"?? and so on and so fort...

A Hologram Mobile??... naah... that is future :)

If a smartphone do exist, well I guess a "genius phone" would do.

A genius phone?? are you nuts?! ........... well, as you heard a "genius phone" you heard it right.

Just like in humans isn't it?

The great thing about being "genius" is having capacity to overpower its predecessors, in a good way :)

Like the latest phone from LG, The LG Optimus 2X and LG Optimus Black are the latest phones from LG which is considered as the first release of "genius phone".

One great thing about this gadget is its features like a typical smartphone didn't have. Its has the following:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Istorya # 2 : Easy Come, Easy Go

Hello there..

This is Felix again, and I'm on the second story :) Remembered on the previous post?.. it is dedicated to my friend Jeremy... my long lost friend :'( its been a while since I've finally accepted that he's gone...but he will be always in my heart.. :)

Now on the second story,its all about "love" what everyone is talking about... :) like everybody else we experience love on some ways, it may be through friendship, experience, daily life and whatsoever. :)

This story I'm about to tell is a story of a boy named James. James is a high school student currently in his fourth year, he is a typical boy-next-door guy friendly, intelligent, cheerful and very handsome...actually he is the Mr.Personality of their batch a teachers pet, and a loving son. But James seems to be unhappy of his achievements and the fame he's experiencing now....until the day she met, Precious...One pretty clever looking girl who is somewhat naive, she dresses like a nerd for all her life she spend to read books and memories everything the book says. She is the official geek of their batch.

James had a really huge crush on Precious, and definitely fall in love at her. One time at the school recess James went on the canteen to buy some burgers and a bottle of soda...and when he was walking down the stairs he noticed Precious just sitting around the end of the lower part of the stairs she seemed to be sad. So James approached her and ask "why are you alone?" James said...with glimmer on her eyes looking at James beautiful face she said "I was going to the library but I lost my library card...and I have to do my assignments before 4pm or else I;m going to loose that subject." Ah i see... said James, "you know I can help you" I have here my library card..and I'll help to research on your assignments, is that okay with you?" with all the excitement Precious just nodded with a big smile on her face saying... " is fine with me :)."

Monday, 23 May 2011

Istorya # 1

One Lonely Summer

This is the first story I'm gonna share to everybody. :) this story was sent to me by an old friend of mine named "Jeremy". Jeremy is an 20 year old guy who loves to create short stories like I do, but what he didn't know is that he is already the main character of his story now :) well, I created this story of his experience because I was the best friend of Jeremy before and we've got lots of experiences that we share together in the past 5 years and until now,we get on our own ways I still consider him as one of my "Best of friends" to rely to.

Then one day unexpected things had happened...

I just got a message coming from an email that my friend Jeremy Santos had died because of a car accident that happened. I was so shocked and terribly cried for knowing one of the people I love had already left me. 

:(  Well...I guess thats the way it supposed to be right? but looking to the reality that a friend that you've treasured for the longest time had died...

I mourn,I plead...and whatsoever hoping that the accident didn't happen, and then days come to pass..

I suddenly realized that he's in a better place worries...and no heartaches... lets be thankful of what we have now, for you will never know your gonna be dead tomorrow or someday..

Lets look forward for the things to come...lets celebrate life and love one another :) 

Jeremy will always be in my heart. forever and ever :') may god bless you..

Maybe thats for now guys...hehe just wanna share my thoughts now and you can react on it if you want. :) but nevertheless respect for everyone is still my primary concern.

Lets love one another shall we?? :)

Much love and respect,
Felix Valentino----FV

Sunday, 22 May 2011

My First Entry on my Diary.

Hello there everyone.

This is Felix Valentino a typical pinoy who is a huge fan of blogging, I've started blogging just 2 months ago and now I'm on my 3rd blog to promote again. :).  I create this blog to share my previous experiences to you my readers :) and also for the readers to come. I just wanna share my inner thoughts to everyone, my experiences, my failures, and also the not so sad events in my life.

Within this blog your can also share your own stories here, even if its bad or good its okay in this site everything is okay, :) peoples who will visit my site and share their stories will respect the privacy of everyone. so no worries :). I expecting everyone to feel free to share, interact, and relate to other bloggers and also readers to this site for we must love each other always.

This is PRO-life, PRO-love and PRO-everything :) I hope everyone would participate and lets all collaborate here for the common good. and cheers!!!

My first entry is almost done. :) regards to the bloggers and readers and also the fans of blogging.

Good times!! :)