Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Istorya # 2 : Easy Come, Easy Go

Hello there..

This is Felix again, and I'm on the second story :) Remembered on the previous post?.. it is dedicated to my friend Jeremy... my long lost friend :'( its been a while since I've finally accepted that he's gone...but he will be always in my heart.. :)

Now on the second story,its all about "love" what everyone is talking about... :) like everybody else we experience love on some ways, it may be through friendship, experience, daily life and whatsoever. :)

This story I'm about to tell is a story of a boy named James. James is a high school student currently in his fourth year, he is a typical boy-next-door guy friendly, intelligent, cheerful and very handsome...actually he is the Mr.Personality of their batch a teachers pet, and a loving son. But James seems to be unhappy of his achievements and the fame he's experiencing now....until the day she met, Precious...One pretty clever looking girl who is somewhat naive, she dresses like a nerd for all her life she spend to read books and memories everything the book says. She is the official geek of their batch.

James had a really huge crush on Precious, and definitely fall in love at her. One time at the school recess James went on the canteen to buy some burgers and a bottle of soda...and when he was walking down the stairs he noticed Precious just sitting around the end of the lower part of the stairs she seemed to be sad. So James approached her and ask "why are you alone?" James said...with glimmer on her eyes looking at James beautiful face she said "I was going to the library but I lost my library card...and I have to do my assignments before 4pm or else I;m going to loose that subject." Ah i see... said James, "you know I can help you" I have here my library card..and I'll help to research on your assignments, is that okay with you?" with all the excitement Precious just nodded with a big smile on her face saying... " is fine with me :)."

They went on the library and everything was so fast...they spent so much time together and having fun. its like theres no people around them when they are together everything seems to be boundless. They get to know each others issues and problems and accept each others weaknesses like a couple in the making like everything is so vibrant and colorful :)

Until the unexpected happened....

Friday night after school, Precious sent a text message to James asking him if he can pick her up because Precious is really tired and exhausted, and James replied that he will be there in a minute or two. While she was waiting on the Bus Stop, she saw a little girl playing with her doll beside the street where huge vehicles are running there carelessly. Precious didn't know what to do she feel nervous about the girl and knowing that she is tired and exhausted coming from school...

She thought to herself that the girl would be okay because some of the police patrol are on the other side, and she decided to buy a can of juice just to replenish her exhaustion. Then something went wrong... after paying out on the counter she noticed that the girl that was playing her doll lately is trying to cross the street to get her doll which was accidentally thrown by  the girl.. Precious didn't make any second thoughts she ran across the street and push the girl on the other side of the road because a huge truck is fast approaching the girl. :(

The girl was on the other side of the road, while sadly Precious just died because of the impact of hitting the truck :( lots of blood was all over the road...and then, the cellphone of Precious rings...

James was five steps away on the accident, and she waited on the spot where they used to meet every time Precious would ask her to pick her. !5 minutes went so fast that James is worrying about Precious' condition he asked everyone around if they saw a girl taken from his phone and the little girl answered "that girl saved my life..." and she cries, James became skeptical and trying to figure out what the girl is trying to tell her. And he went on the crime scene she noticed the hair and the uniform of the girl just died.. and he realized it is Precious.. :( tear just shed on James' face knowing that the girl she loved sacrifices her life to save the little girl. :(

Poor James.. :( I wish I could turn back time.. we must treasure every moments of our life for we don't know when death will come..