Monday, 23 May 2011

Istorya # 1

One Lonely Summer

This is the first story I'm gonna share to everybody. :) this story was sent to me by an old friend of mine named "Jeremy". Jeremy is an 20 year old guy who loves to create short stories like I do, but what he didn't know is that he is already the main character of his story now :) well, I created this story of his experience because I was the best friend of Jeremy before and we've got lots of experiences that we share together in the past 5 years and until now,we get on our own ways I still consider him as one of my "Best of friends" to rely to.

Then one day unexpected things had happened...

I just got a message coming from an email that my friend Jeremy Santos had died because of a car accident that happened. I was so shocked and terribly cried for knowing one of the people I love had already left me. 

:(  Well...I guess thats the way it supposed to be right? but looking to the reality that a friend that you've treasured for the longest time had died...

I mourn,I plead...and whatsoever hoping that the accident didn't happen, and then days come to pass..

I suddenly realized that he's in a better place worries...and no heartaches... lets be thankful of what we have now, for you will never know your gonna be dead tomorrow or someday..

Lets look forward for the things to come...lets celebrate life and love one another :) 

Jeremy will always be in my heart. forever and ever :') may god bless you..

Maybe thats for now guys...hehe just wanna share my thoughts now and you can react on it if you want. :) but nevertheless respect for everyone is still my primary concern.

Lets love one another shall we?? :)

Much love and respect,
Felix Valentino----FV